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I am Dutch, and by profession mathematician and theoretical computer scientist (got my Ph.D. in computer science in May 2001), although at the moment I am without a job. I have been helping with Wikipedia since late March, one of my first articles was Netherlands/history, which gained me some acclaim.

I think I can help Wikipedia on a range of subjects, such as mathematics and history. See also /Pages for a detailed overview.

Jij hebt overduidelijk hardstikke veel tijd
ik zit van mijn werktijd te snoepen - Mathijs
Don't think I've welcomed you yet, so, welcome, Andre! Great work. --LMS
For my pride, and maybe also a bit for your curiosity, I am keeping a list of pages I created at /Pages

Andre, why not move "Hungary/History?" to the main "Hungary" page and move "History of Hungary" to "Hungary/History?"? That way there's no extra link involved. Moving the "*/History?" text to the main page of that country is something I've been thinking of doing, as the CIA writeup is brief; that leaves the more extensive Department of State material for the "*/History?" page. Just a suggestion....--KQ

Well, I put it where I put it, because of the link at History. I will do as you proposed, I guess it fits better. -- Andre

Hm. I was following precedent by setting up the CIA factbook pages like that, but I'm coming to dislike subpages in general. They just don't lend themselves to accidental linking. But I don't think I'd like to go through and change them all (and all the links to them). If you haven't moved it yet and would rather leave it, leave it. :-) --KQ

Hi! This is Nicole Steans. I edited Murat Ses page. I write reviews, made an interview with this extraordinary musician. What I have put is my material so no copyright violation. I can submit other written proof of the material if you like :) Thanks nicolesteans@hotmail.com

That's not necessary, I believe you. It just looked suspicious when I saw it - certain words in all-caps and so, looked like there was some editorial framework followed, and it wasn't Wikipedia's. -- Andre

Hi Andre, je bent één van de actievelingen hier; heb je misschien ook wat tijd om naar de Nederlandse wiki te kijken? Iemand uit Leuven is er begin juni al mee begonnen, maar haakte af. Afgelopen week heb ik het uitgebreid met allerlei informatie, wat vertaling, een pagina en een paar aanzetjes. We hebben echt inhoud nodig en er moet nog veel vertaald worden. Ook de diverse functies moeten nog in het Nederlands worden omgezet. Suggesties? Wil je meehelpen de boel aan het rollen te krijgen, of weet je mensen die dat leuk zouden vinden? Op jouw vakgebied heb je er trouwens nog carte blanche!! --Groetjes, Thea Kemper

Hi Andre,

Ik think it's better to link the footbal teams with their name and place. See Dutch Football League teams/Talk. You can see the problem when you click on Ajax.

At the English page (English Football League teams) all teams are followed by F.C.. That's possible too.

groeten, Jan-Willem (Tsja)

Hi Andre,

you are a good Go player, aren't you? Would you mind writing a little introduction to Go strategy and tactics, akin to Chess/Strategy and Tactics? --AxelBoldt

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