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Andre Agassi is a famous professional tennis player. He was born April 29, 1970, and by the year 2000 he had won over $19 million in prize money and achieved a number 1 ranking on the ATP tour.

Agassi married actress [Brooke Shields]? in 1997, and divorced in 1999. Agassi married former tennis player [Steffi Graf]? on September 22, 2001. Their first child, Jaden Gil, a boy, was born October 27, 2001.

Andre Agassi has won seven Grand Slam singles titles:

Wimbledon, 1992
US Open, 1994
Australian Open, 1995
French Open, 1999
US Open, 1999
Australian Open, 2000
Australian Open, 2001

He is one of five players to have won all the Grand Slam tournaments (not necessarily in the same year), along with Don Budge, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver and Fred Perry.

Agassi typically employs a baseline style of play, rarely serving-and-volleying. His serve is average at best among the top players on the men's tour. He is known for having the best return of serve in professional tennis. He is in exceptional physical shape and can outlast many players over the course of a long match.

What were Agassi's earliest major tennis victories? Did he play tennis as a child? Where was he born? Where did he grow up? Where did he go to school?

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