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Amazing Spider-Man is the full name of the comic strip commonly referred to as Spider-man. The name also refers to the longest-running Spider-Man comic book published by [Marvel Comics]?, which was started after the Spider-man character introduced in Amazing Fantasy became so popular.

Spider-man is the alter-ego of Peter Parker, a college student who was bitten by a radioactive spider and developed the ability to scale walls and cling to ceilings, as well as to sense imminent danger. Spider-man displays an astounding amount of agility and strength and, when not clinging to buses or other vehicles, transports himself by shooting "webs" from devices he made at home; the webs can spray out in a variety of forms and densities according to Spider-man's wishes. When used for transport, the web itself is thin and long, with an adhesive at the tip which sticks to the sides or ledges of buildings. The web is also flexible, allowing Spider-man to swing from one to the other, much like Tarzan from one vine to another. At times, the web is sprayed out in a wide fan, which is often used to hold enemies in place until the authorities arrive.

Originally Peter Parker had no intention of becoming a superhero, but after his Uncle Ben was murdered by a thief that Spider-man (then working as a professional wrestler) had let escape, Peter Parker developed the axiom that "with great power comes great responsibility," and decided to put his talents to work fighting injustice. Some of his main enemies have been the [Green Goblin]?, the Hobgoblin?, Kraven?, Venom?, The Kingpin?, and at times, The Punisher?. He has had some interactions with [Dr. Doom]?, but not enough to consider him a main enemy.

Since his college days, Peter Parker has made a living as a photographer, for the most part selling the pictures he takes of himself in action as Spider-man to the newspaper he works for. (Spider-Man webs a camera to some out-of-the-way place and tries to steer the action in front of it; he also has various settings on the camera dictating when the pictures are taken.) Peter Parker's boss, J. Jonah Jameson, has an intense and abiding hate for Spider-Man.



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