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Hercule Poirot is Agatha Christie's primary detective, appearing in over 30 books. He was born in Belgium and has worked as a Belgian police officer, but moved to England after the war and started a second career as a private detective.

He meets what turns out to be a life-long partner, [Arthur Hastings]?, almost immediately after arriving to England. The books take us through the whole of his England living, from the first book ([The Mysterious Affair at Styles]?), where he is a refugee staying at Styles, to the last Poirot book (/Curtain?), where he stays at Styles once again.

He is also in many books accompanied by the detective novelist [Ariadne Oliver]?.

Christie books with Hercule Poirot:


Poirot have been appearing at movies, too, played by [Peter Ustinov]? (Death on the Nile).


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