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Nupedia does not need wiki articles.
I would like the person who wrote the above to elaborate the sentiment. I know that there are some on Nupedia who feel that way. But there are a few Wikipedia articles that are, frankly, rather better than some articles-in-progress on Nupedia. The fact that an article started life on Wikipedia does not, of course, make it a bad article. --LMS
This will allow each of wiki and nupedia to evolve on their own and act as a quality check in giving two versions of many articles.

Plus, using a 'mature' article from nupedia may stifle creativity in writing the same topic on wiki. This may prevent interesting information from being in wiki articles.

If Nupedia doesn't comment on Wikipedia formally, it can't act as a "quality check" on Wikipedia, as far as I can tell; and the only way for Nupedia to comment on Wikipedia formally is for Wikipedia articles to be submitted to Nupedia.

I think we should make the articles on Wikipedia as "mature" as possible. We do, after all, eventually want top-quality articles on Wikipedia. It doesn't matter at all that we won't have such articles anytime soon. The notion that creativity is stifle by quality is one I for one completely and totally reject. Moreover, I fail to see how information will not be added to high-quality articles. Finally, the issue under discussion isn't whether Nupedia articles should be added to Wikipedia, but whether Wikipedia articles should be submitted to Nupedia. --LMS

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