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Moved comments here from main text. Reorganized into threads.--buzco
Really only used anymore in US Department of Defense stuff. Oh yeah, and Ada95, the most popular Ada compiler actually translates your code to C, then compiles the C. I love that.

Ada95 is not a compiler, it is a version of Ada, the most recent version, I believe. I am also skeptical of the idea that Ada is "really only used anymore" in the US DOD.

Do you mean GNAT (GNU Ada Translater) when writing "Ada95"? This is no translater to C any longer but a frontend to the GNU Compiler Collection, as the C or the Java frontends are. By the way, it is _not_ used only by DOD staff and it is a highly capable language. In contrast to the popular misbelief it produces rather fast code (comparable to C).

Make that C, C++, Forth, FORTRAN, Java, Objective C and Pascal front ends! May be others! --buzco

The team behind Gnat used in the beginning a proprietary Ada compiler and used that to build an compiler which implemented a subset of Ada big enough to support building itself. Now the team left that proprietary compiler in the dust. After that it was a simple matter of extending that they already have while using the base to build the next more evolved version.
Gnat until 3.11 or so (ca 1999) needed to generate a C stub for the sake of elaboration but that liability is no more !!
GNAT never was a Ada-to-C translator !
cfront was a c++-to-c translator !

Ada is used in a few compiler theory books because of its comprehensiveness and elegance.
Should there be a section on primary users of a language like ada and how their requirements affected the language?
Ada has some tastes of Pascal still but not one of the bad ones. --Janet Davis
(list of possible topics moved from main page) What about
I think the Steelman language requirements page would be better as part of this entry, or maybe a subpage, as it isn't really of interest except in the context of Ada. Anyone agree/disagree? --Matthew Woodcraft

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