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Robbe is studying computer science in Vienna. Last we heard of him he was writing his Master's thesis on collaborative distributed databases, which is how he discovered Wikipedia.

My handle is spelled without dashes. These are just an experiment to differentiate Robbe-the-Wikipedian from Robbe-the-Encyclopedia-term.

Excuse my ignorance, but does "Robbe" means something we want an encyclopedia article about? If there is not, the --Robbe page is unnecessary. BTW welcome to wikipedia! --AstroNomer
Not that I know -- it was more a principal gesture, maybe for others to imitate that have more problems with their handles. Witness that sodium has to sign with [[sodiumtheperson|sodium]] below. But this is quickly becoming moot once the PHP script goes bigtime and we get a separate namespace for wikipedians. --R.

Congratulations! Your page is listed #30 out of #19,300 on a google search of "Robbe." -- sodium

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