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The leader of the GodS? and GoD of the sky and thunder in GreekMythology, equivalent to the RomaN? GoD JupiteR?.

Last son of ChronoS? (SaturN? for RomaN?s) who had the habit of eating his own children, he ends this tyranny with the help of his mother and rescue his brethren.

Brother and husband of HerA (identified with JunO?). Their son is HephaistOs? (VulcaN?). He is famous for his many extraconjugal affairs (in parentheses the offspring) with various goddesses - notably DemeteR?, LetO?, DionE?, MaiA?, etc - and mortal women - notably SemelE?, Io, EuropA, LedA?, etc.

As a result, father of many demi-GoDs and HeroeS? such as HerakleS? (HerculeS?). The Greeks considered him to probably still be producing moral offspring. Brother of PoseidoN?, HadeS?, HestIa?, HerA and DemeteR?.

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