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Electricians may not often encounter three phase induction motors used in domestic watering systems.

Question from Jimbo: Perhaps we should have a more general article about different kinds of induction motors and their uses? This information, while certainly interesting, is baffling to me, as a non-electrical engineer. If I am being silly, please just delete this note and go on about your business. :-)

''Reply from Rossum: 1. Yes this article is a long way down the tree of specifics 2. Maybe it does not belong in a 'pedia, rather more in a technical manual 3. Because I know so much about this topic, writing is a breeze 4. Until Wiki crystalises I will continue to play, maybe we'll move the topic somewhere else later on. Thanks for your candid comments, Jimbo''

Procedures to follow to field test these motors and their controls are listed:

Topics including "TestingThreePhaseSupply", "TestingMotorCoilResistance", and "TestingEarthFaultResistance" are covered, as well as "TestingDirectOnLineStarters?".

Topics will follow the format of definition of the title, what can go wrong, the ideal situation, how to do the test, and what can be wrong if the test is not good.

"DescribingCentrifugalPumpInstallations?" and "DescribingSubmersiblePumpInstallations?" are covered along with "RecommendationsForTroubleFreePumpInstallation?".

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