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This is kind of a funny page, and it comes with instructions, as follows: first click on the "Edit text of this page" below. Read the text. Then hit the "back" button and re-read the text. Then this page will make sense.

Start a new paragraph by skipping down two lines. If you skip down one line, like this, you won't start a new paragraph. But if you skip down two lines,

like this,

then you'll start a new paragraph.

So is there any way to produce the more traditional sort of paragraph that uses indentation? [Followed by attempts which didn't work.]

No, there isn't a way to add "traditional" indented paragraphs. This is partially a limitation of HTML and web browsers, which do not have any simple way to create such paragraphs. (Many sites create the indentation effect using special invisible graphics as spacers. Other sites use special HTML tricks which are not available on the wiki.)

The common wiki convention is to use leading spaces at the beginning of a line to mark preformatted fixed-width text. This is useful for things like ASCII diagrams or simple tables. Unfortunately this means that if you try to manually indent paragraphs, the first line will be shown as preformatted fixed-width text like:

    This is an attempt to "manually indent" a paragraph.
This is the second line of the attempted paragraph, but it will be treated as a new paragraph. Click on the edit link to see the entered text.

This is a SelfExplanatory PaGe! It is really great that an EncycloPedia can be so InterActive?.

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