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If you want to comment on something on a page, but you don't want simply to change the page (which, of course, you can do!), then put a line, indicated with four hyphens in a row, like this:
and add your remarks below the line, at the bottom of the page. This, anyway, is a nice convention to follow. In principle, there's nothing stopping you from adding your remarks anywhere.
Click "Edit text of this page" below to see how this was done...the four hyphens will be revealed.
Perhaps an even better idea is to create a /Talk page (such as ElephanT/Talk, which is comment on the ElephanT article) and move the discussion there. After all, we'd like to focus on content over controversy.
By the way, you can participate on WikipediaL if you want to discuss something that, for whatever reason, you don't want to discuss on Wikipedia itself.

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