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Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Colts are members of the AmericanFootballConference?.

The Colts colors are blue and white. They play in the RcaDome?.

Following a move from Miami, Florida, the Colts began play in 1946 in Baltimore, Maryland. The BaltimoreColts? were one of the most dominating teams in NfL? history. Having fallen on hard times, and wanting a new stadium, RobertIrsay? moved the team to Indianapolis in 1984.

Since 1984, the Colts have had mixed success at best.

Some famous BaltimoreColts? include: JohnnyUnitas?, LennyMoore?, RaymondBerry?, BertJones?, LydellMitchell?, GinoMarchetti?, and ArtDonovan? Some famous Colts in the Indianapolis era include: EricDickerson?, MarshallFaulk?, PeytonManning?, MarvinHarrison?, and EdgerrinJames?

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