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Enron is an energy and communications company based in HoustoN?, TexaS?. Enron is involved in the transportation of natural gas through pipelines to markets throughout the United States; the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity to markets in the northwestern United States; the marketing of natural gas, electricity and other commodities and related risk management and finance services worldwide; the development, construction and operation of power plants, pipelines and other energy related assets worldwide; and the development of an intelligent network platform to provide bandwidth management services and deliver high bandwidth applications. The Company also offers broadband intermediation and content services development.

According to FortuneMagazine? Enron is the 62nd largest company in the world. Enron was named "America's Most Innovative Company" by Fortune for five consecutive years, from 1996-2000. It was #24 on Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work for in America" list of 2000.

Enron's CEO is KenLay?. Its COO is JeffreySkilling?.

Enron headquarters are located at Enron Building, 1400 Smith Street, Houston, TX 77002.

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