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Election controversy:

The first president of the UnitedStates who has not been elected by the voters but by courts. It not political (I am german), but a fact : He did gather less votes than Al Gore.

The US 2000 Presidential election was very controversial, but the statement above oversimplifies the controversy. The UnitedStatesConstitution explicitly describes the procedure for electing the president. The people do not elect a president directly, but instead elect people to the ElectoralCollege? (which selects the president). The ElectoralCollege? system was originally seen as a means to prevent the excesses of a pure DemocracY.

The 2000 election was not the first time that the US popular vote was different than the result of the ElectoralCollege?. Since states give all of their electoral votes to the winner of the state election, small majorities in highly-populated states can beat larger majorities in less-populated states.

The biggest election controversy was over the results from the state of FloridA?, which was determined by less than 1000 votes out of over 6,000,000 votes cast. The results were challenged, and a series of recounts, attempted recounts, and court cases began. In some of the important legal cases the local courts ruled against recounts, but were overruled by the Florida Supreme Court.

The US Supreme Court avoided ruling on the legal issues at first, but finally issued a ruling that overruled the Florida Supreme Court and effectively prohibited further recounts in Florida. The final vote was 5-4, and was split by the apparent political alignment of the court. Many people have claimed that the court's move was more political than legal. (For instance, some who voted to overturn the Florida court have been strong advocates of "states rights" in other contexts.)

Shortly after the Supreme Court's final ruling, Al Gore conceded the 2000 presidential election.

Controversy over issues:

Recently elected president of the United States who broke records for the number of prisoners put to death during his tenure as Govenor of Texas.

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