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People who dislike the FPOE/OEVP government still meet every Thursday at the "BallhausplatZ?" in the inner city for the weekly demonstration.

The leader of the fpoe, the party, which is a member of the coalition of the Austrian Government, has quite often expressed his xenophophic views. Mr. Joerg Haider has held a series of meetings with the veterans of the SS-Corps [the prime suspects of the holocaust - the final solution of to eliminate Jews in EuropE]. The student community in AustriA has got a very big problem with the nationalist government, which tries to suppress our freedom of speech [- Support us here]. The protests will continue. Please do something.

Our problem is that no one reacts when a NaZi? party becomes a partner in a so called democratic Govenment -- WojPob

The FPOE is no NaZi? party. No, I don't like them. -- ReiniUrban

How would you describe a party whose leader holds meeting with SS veterans??? -- WojPob

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