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I am developing the AtlasShrugged section of Wikipedia as a test to push the envelope of what is possible with a wiki. I hope to show that a wiki-based encyclopedia is not merely the same old encyclopedia with a different development and editing system, but a tool that allows types of content not easily integrated into conventional encyclopedias.

I chose AtlasShrugged for this project for a few reasons. I am familiar with it so can do a passable job in summarizing it. It is very large and complex, making it a good test of what is possible. Often people who are into AtlasShrugged are _really_ into it, so there are likely people who will contribute and who will be interested in the section. There is a movie coming out, so interest in AtlasShrugged might be expected to surge soon - it would be good for the project if we were able to sate that interest with a really cool AtlasShrugged section.

Then we ought to have a similar LordOfTheRings? section, too! -- LarrySanger

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