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/DagnyTaggart meets with /HankRearden at his steel mill to tell him that, because of the /AntiDogEatDogRule she will need her rails in nine months instead of twelve. She asks Rearden if he can deliver the order in time, and he tells her he will. Dagny acknowledges that Rearden now holds /TaggartTranscontinental in his power - if he fails to deliver, the railroad might collapse. But, Rearden needs this project to succeed as well because it will prove the value of /ReardenMetal, creating new markets for him. They stand together in silence, watching as the first load of /ReardenMetal is loaded onto the trains, both knowing what this new invention represents. The two talk about business as if one business' success creates opportunities for another, which is in sharp contrast to the talk about "destructive competition" that was used to justify the /AntiDogEatDogRule earlier in this chapter.

There is an apparent plot hole in this section. Dagny needs rails because the /PhoenixDurango has been ordered to suspend operations in /Colorado in nine months. If she doesn't get the new rail laid, Colorado will be without transportation and its economy will collapse. However, when the Phoenix-Durango suspends operations, it is not going to roll up its tracks and take them away. Dagny could easily run her trains on /DanConway's track. She could buy them outright or lease them. Conway in /SectioN146 expressed sympathy for Dagny - he does not hold a grudge and wishes her success - so there is no reason to assume he would refuse her this. In fact, because Conway in this chapter is being used to illustrate the /SanctionOfTheVictim, he could not refuse such a request. From a business point of view, it would provide him a way to still make money in Colorado despite not being allowed to operate there; and with the option of using this line, /TaggartTranscontinental would not be dependent on Rearden. There is no explanation for why this obvious solution to the problem is not even considered.

/HankRearden's office at /ReardenSteel.

 /Looters - Mentioned.

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