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/EllisWyatt appears suddenly and unexpectedly in DagnyTaggart's office. He issues an ultimatum, saying if /TaggartTranscontinental fails to run trains the way his business requires, his business will fail - and he will drag them down with him. Dagny surpises him by quietly assuring him, without excuses or explanations, that he will get the service he requires.

Wyatt states, "You expect to feed off me while you can and to find another carcass to pick dry after you have finished mine." He understands that the parasites are dependent upon him, and when he issues his ultimatum, he is refusing to grant the /SanctionOfTheVictim. Thus Ellis Wyatt is a sharp contrast to /DanConway in the previous section. The responses of these two men to the /AntiDogEatDogRule represent opposite sides of the book's central conflict - one accedes to being a victim, one refuses.

/DagnyTaggart's office at /TaggartTranscontinental.

 /HankRearden - Mentioned.

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