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The word ALGORITHM is a corruption of the word ALGORISM which came from the name of ABU JA'FAR MOHAMMED IBN MUSA AL-KHWARIZMI (ca. 780 - ca. 850). He was the author of the book "Kitab al-jabr w'al-muqabala" (Rules of Restoration and Reduction) which introduced algebra to people in the West. The word ALGEBRA itself originates from AL-JABR from the book title. The word ALGORISM orignally referred only to the rules of performing arithmetic using Hindu-Arabic numerals, but evolved into "algorithm" by the XVIII-th century. The word has nowadays evolved to include all definite procedures for solving problems, including cooking :)
What you have if you can dance like AlGore?.
It is well known that robots can only dance with an algorithm, so I guess that's right.

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