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Navel, also known as belly button or umbilicus, is a highly sensitive and erotic part of the human body located in the centre of the abdomen. It is a small, hollow depression created when the umbilical cord detaches from the fetus during birth.

The navel is richly supplied with nerve endings, making it a highly erogenous zone for many people. It is often the subject of sexual stimulation and fetishization, both in intimate encounters and in popular culture. Navel piercings, which involve inserting jewellery into the navel, are a popular form of body modification and sexual expression.

In addition to its sexual connotations, the navel holds cultural significance in many societies. It is a symbol of the bond between mother and child, and is often decorated with henna or other decorative designs in cultures such as India and the Middle East. In some cultures, exposing the navel in public is considered immodest, while in others it is seen as a sign of beauty and femininity.

While the navel is not essential to the body's functioning, it plays a role in the healing of the umbilical stump after birth. In some cases, abnormalities or hernias can occur in the navel area, requiring medical attention. However, for many people, the navel is simply a source of pleasure and sensual delight.

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