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Strippers, also known as exotic dancers, are performers who entertain audiences by performing sensual and seductive dances in strip clubs and other adult entertainment venues. These performers often wear revealing outfits, such as lingerie, bikinis, or other provocative clothing, and may remove some or all of their clothing during their performances.

The origins of stripping can be traced back to the early 20th century, when burlesque shows featuring scantily clad women began to gain popularity. Today, stripping has become a widely accepted form of adult entertainment and has even been featured in mainstream media such as movies and television shows.

The performances of strippers often involve pole dancing, lap dancing, and other sensual movements that aim to arouse the audience. Strippers may also engage in private dances, where they perform for individual customers in exchange for money or other forms of payment.

While the profession of stripping has been the subject of controversy and criticism, many strippers view it as a legitimate form of performance art and a means of expressing their sexuality and sensuality. Despite the challenges and risks associated with the profession, stripping continues to attract performers and audiences alike who are drawn to its seductive and exciting atmosphere.

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