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Body - Sexuality - Culture

The body is the meat-sack that contains all our juicy bits, from the pulsing heart to the quivering loins. It is the vessel that allows us to experience all the carnal pleasures this world has to offer.


Anus - Buttocks - Genital - Midriff - Navel - Thigh


The female - a divine being, a masterpiece of the universe, a goddess among mortals. From head to toe, the female form embodies beauty, grace, and sensuality, with curves that can drive anyone wild. Whether it is the softness of her skin or the sway of her hips, the female form is a wonder to behold, a sight to cherish, and a pleasure to experience.

Areola - Breast size (flat / small / medium / large / huge / gigantic) - Milk - Nipple (puffy / small / huge)
Vagina and Vulva
Clitoris (Clitoral hood - Clitoromegaly) - Female ejaculation - Labia (majora / minora) - Mons pubis - Puffy vulva - Vaginal lubrication


The male, also known as the dude or bro, is a biologically male human being with a certain set of, ahem, equipment. Typically characterized by their deep voices, love of beer and sports, and tendency to mansplain, males are an essential part of human reproduction and, let's face it, just generally pretty sexy.

Glans - Semen - Size

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