I’m Not Exposed

I’m Not Exposed

‘Sorry. Don’t expose next time, please.’ ‘Huh? I’m not exposed at all. The rule says ‘Please wear a swimsuit’, and I followed. Well, where are you guys staring at? Heh…’

Artist: Kian Jímenez
Character: Meow (English and Chinese)

Full image (3,214 × 4,286 pixels)
CloudApp | Dropbox | Wikimedia Commons
Google Drive (upscaled to 7,680 × 10,242 pixels by ML Super Resolution)

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

9 thoughts on “I’m Not Exposed”

  1. It is like and are allowed to open and Christmas gift every times I have been here in and visit your website 🙂 It’s great art you have ^_^ Perhaps I do not understand Japanese text 🙂

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