Fahada’s Great Squirting

Fahada’s Great Squirting

Fahada felt very horny with her sticky vagina, and her nipples grew harder every moment she clenched her vaginal muscles together. Being too sex-starved, she began to masturbate and rub her massive breasts as well as that fat slimy vulva. While she continued pleasuring herself, her saliva dripped down to her chin; moreover, her tongue snaked out and lapped up most of it. Eventually, as she withdrew her fingers with a soft but wet squelch and then spread her vulva, she squirted her hot and sticky vaginal lubrication to her tail and even the floor. She licked her paw and tasted her own juice, yet she liked it very much.

Artist: J.C.
Character: Fahada

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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

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